Friday, October 4, 2013

The Digital Age "Cult Camera"?

During the analogue camera's illustrious history, a number of marques and models stand out as being truly unique and special. Within those categories, a few actually achieved "cult status" and will forever be remembered by generations of photographers.

Cameras that come to mind include the quintessential Leica M3, Konica Hexar, Nikon F, Olympus Trip 35 and the diminutive Olympus XA. That is just my feeling - ask a dozen other photographers and you would get twelve different opinions!

With the advent of the digital camera age, we entered the era of disposable electronic cameras with a built in obsolescence factor that guaranteed the worst  monetary investment possible! Gone are the days when finely crafted mechanical cameras appreciated in value and operated flawlessly for decades. Today's offerings are superseded by new models every few months resulting in  photographers rushing to upgrade and seeing their initial outlay rapidly dwindle.

One exception however was the Epson RD 1 camera which, with its retro design and ability to accept a wide range of third party lenses, has truly become sought after and highly collectible  (despite its meager pixel count).

With the introduction of the X Trans range of cameras, Fuji has taken the camera world by storm and captured the hearts and imagination of photographers from every corner of the globe.

 The X Pro 1 with its solid build, retro styling and incredible performance has raised the bar and will be a hard act to follow.

Will it become a "cult camera"? 

I think so!

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